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MARTA Transit Kiosk Redesign

Roles Played: Task Analysis, Requirements Analysis, Prototyping

As a part of my Engineering Psychology Analysis Techniques class, my team took up the task of redesigning the cumbersome and error-prone MARTA ticket vending kiosk.

This image shows the current MARTA kiosk. We created mission profiles of the existing system based on in-situ observation of people using it in real-time, and observing their transaction times as well as error rate.

Analyzing the process

To redesign the system, we analyzed the process, requirements and tasks that are performed during a regular ticket purchase without a kiosk. We sketched out the Functional Flows, Cognitive Task Analysis, Hierarchical Task Analysis and other Engineering Psychology methodologies were applied to define the workflow of an alternate system.

Finally based on this Analysis, we proposed an alternate system and mocked up a couple of workflows in the alternate system.

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