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Amazon for Older Adults

Roles Played: User Testing, Heuristic Evaluation, Note taking and reports

As a part of our research methods course, our team had to evaluate the usability of Amazon for older adults. We narrowed our focus down to the search page and the product details page.

Literature review indicated that older adults tend to develop age related disabilities such as weakness of eyesight and color blindness. It is especially essential to support accessibility related features to ensure usability for that age group.

To evaluate accessibility of the page, we used the Functional Accessibility Evaluator to generate quantified reports of various Accessibility features. This was used to create accessibility recommendations.

We also ran a focus group with 6 adult participants, where they were shown screens from Amazon and questions were asked regarding various aspects of the site.

Finally we presented our findings, and created a report based on our findings, along with suggestions for improvement.

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