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Roles Played: Task Analysis, Requirements Analysis, Prototyping, Heuristic Evaluations

Planning meals, grocery shopping and cooking can be an arduous task, especially for beginners. With sous-chef, we built a grocery tracker and meal planner application that helps users track and manage their cooking and dietary habits.

Extensive sketching and wireframing were done in the ideation phase. We conducted participant interviews to gather user requirements and come up with personas, which were used to identify key areas of focus and inform our design choices.

Expression Blend with Sketchflow was used for creating mockups, and the final prototype was designed in silverlight.


As part of the user testing, we conducted Cognitive Walkthroughs, Questionnaires, Unstructured interviews and prototype testing. The slides below show some of our findings gleaned from the tests.

Sous-Chef User Testing Results from Balasubramanyam Ganapathi
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